Double-Ended Spoon Excavator (129/130 1,7mm 1kpl)


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1 kpl
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1 kpl
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1 kpl

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Instrumentti pehmentyneen dentiinin poistamiseen.

Spoon Excavator 129/130 - 1.7 mm

English Pattern Double Ended Spoon Excavator 129/130.

Diameter - 1.7 mm

Terminal shank length - 8 mm

Used to clean the walls of the pulp chamber.

Our colour coded silicon bands provide ergonomic grip on the instrument and at the same time they denote size and help identify the different working ends.

Autoclavable to 135° C

iM3 products have been manufactured with great care by highly qualified technicians using a wide variety of tests and controls designed to ensure faultless operation. iM3 hand instruments are developed with the guidance of veterinary dental specialist and are backed by a 5 year warranty. The warranty covers faulty material and workmanship, any instruments found with these types of defect will be repaired or replaced. Damage due to the incorrect use or handling of the instrument is not covered.

Proof of purchase is required to make any claims.

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